Fight for your Nation from your Keyboard

Techies across the world are well known for their abilities and skill sets in developing and designing websites, writing codes and generally working in areas that cater to the modern digital business environment. But did you know that they are making a huge contribution to defence and war efforts to keep borders safe from intruders and an alien army?

Remember when Iraq invaded Kuwait and took them by surprise or the numerous intrusions by armies into foreign countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe? Well, if optimisation of Big Data and artificial intelligence (AI) is to be taken into consideration, all that is going to be a thing of the past. Techies sitting in remote locations are devising optimised solutions that armies can use to ward off border skirmishes and violations.

Smart solutions are set to boost the efficiency of troops guarding borders worldwide, especially if the boundaries run through dense forests, rivers and mountains. What previously used to be physical jottings in log books of soldiers has now been converted to sophisticated terabytes of data complete with thermal images, pointed forecasting of troop movements and specific activities from across the border. This is done after collecting previous data and events and them collating them to forecast possible future scenarios that soldiers should be aware of.

A few instances of what some tech based companies are doing will illustrate this point better.

Nyokas, a start-up has devised a smart jacket for soldiers. In case of an injury a signal goes out to others that help is needed. Another tech company provides analytics services that analyses cross border infiltrations and predicts future intrusions. They have achieved great success in precise forecasting.

This goes a long way to prove how non-military people can contribute to the country’s defences.